Meena handbags Design Company really started as an embryonic thought in my mind which kept growing and growing all the lovely curves, the vivid colours and the lines kept exploding every time I saw shoppers carrying handbags so I started to sketch down my ideas and now finally my dream has become reality in this wonderful venture. When I left school I originally studied for a degree in optics which kept me busy for a number of years a time which  I enjoyed immensely and met some great people. All along my thoughts kept going back to the handbag business so it was shortly after graduation that my real journey began when I attended design school to learn how to cut patterns, mix and match colours that have best visual effects and source natural leathers and materials to create these beautiful handbags. The craftsmanship and meticulous care taken to create each bag has its own story to tell and can takes months to produce from initial sketching and concept to the final perfect creation and object of desire. The very unique curves the lovely lines and the use of quality leathers and materials really do define and brand these beautiful and luxurious handbags. My rich Indian heritage which inspires me to design the unusual curves and lines that you find in my collections and the artistic flare I believe has greatly contributed to my designs.


I am very grateful that I have the support and help of my family and the small manufacturing team that put in the hard work to make these lovely objects of desire. It has taken several long hard years to perfect and launch my first collection and these completely bespoke design come from my love of pleats and each bag has been lovingly crafted and great attention to detail to producing these wonderful handbags for everyday use and for those very special occasions. I work with a small manufacturer based in harrow and together we have produced these handmade British designs which are so elegant and colourful with the bold pleats, natural leathers and luxurious materials. Each bag is designed with flares that have a total uniqueness to them and they are the perfect bag for any occasion. The complete bespoke aspect can be the colour of your choice or you can join us to create that special one off piece you have always wanted and the dedicated team will work closely with all clients.


We have exhibited at Top Drawer along with events in and around London showcasing to bloggers and celebrities, during this busy year we were also given the opportunity to design exclusively for clients who expressed bespoke design needs for own businesses.

In addition to Top Draw we also exhibited at Olympia, earls Court in London at the PURE London show which was very successful and I received many orders and enquires and I cannot wait to have further opportunity to show our designs.

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